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Read about How to Choose Your Senior Living Community

How to Choose Your Senior Living Community

Researching a senior living community’s culture, dining program, activities and cost before you choose your new home will help you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

At home, we all have our set routines, which help bring structure, stability and meaning to our lives. For senior citizens, these habits may be especially entrenched and important to them. It’s possible they’ve been living in the same home and going through the same routine for years or even decades.

So change can be scary, and contemplating a big move to an assisted living or senior living community can be daunting. There are several factors you and your loved one will want to consider before selecting a home for their next phase of life.

Varying Levels of Care

Each person is unique and ages in their own way. Senior citizens face a variety of challenges and have differing social, emotional, and medical needs. When choosing a senior living community for your family member, you should ask yourself whether the community is equipped to meet their needs now, as well as any potential future needs. These needs could range from a specialized diet to a specific medication regimen, or more intensive treatment for dementia and other neurological conditions.

At English Meadows Senior Living, we’re proud to say that there are no tiers of care. We consider it our responsibility to meet Residents where they are and ensure they’re safe and supported. Recently, we debuted our signature Memory Care Program, Lavender Hills, and our Team Members have been trained in the Dementia by Day approach. Lavender Hills is an innovative approach to dementia care, which prioritizes the lived reality of Residents and provides daily activities to keep their memories as sharp as possible.

What Makes the Community Unique?

Of course, senior care goes beyond food, medicine and memory care. Each senior living facility is a community unto itself, and you should assess whether the culture of a particular community is a good fit.

A great first step is to schedule an in-person visit at senior living communities you are considering. Touring a community will allow you to meet the staff, learn about on-site amenities and immerse yourself in the environment.

At all English Meadows Campuses, for instance, during a tour you would see on-site facilities such as a hair and beauty salon; a cafe where Residents can socialize and hold events; patios for hosting activities or concerts; and dining rooms where fresh, local food is served.

English Meadows Staff also plan daily activities for Residents, ranging from rounds of bingo to walking clubs to gardening. Touring a senior living community is your chance to gauge the level of engagement among Residents and assess the overall quality of life the community provides.

Beyond the Senior Living Community

Senior Living Communities are relatively self-contained, but they do exist within larger towns and cities. If your loved one is still mobile and active, they may want to explore their new home beyond the senior care facility itself.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to research what a senior living community can offer beyond its own boundaries. For example, Residents at our Crozet Campus enjoy regular trips to Mudhouse Coffee and Mint Springs Valley Park. In Blacksburg, English Meadows Residents can relish peace and quiet on Campus, but with the vibrancy and culture of a college town right next door.

Before you settle on a senior living community, it’s worth considering the surrounding region with a wide-angle lens.

What’s Your Budget?

Finally, an important aspect of choosing a senior living community is deciding on a budget. Senior care can be labor and resource-intensive, which does make comprehensive care at a senior care facility more expensive than your average rent.

That said, it’s possible to find Caregivers you can trust at a price point you can afford. At English Meadows, we seek to hire compassionate, talented and dedicated people for our team. We treat our employees with respect and appreciation. This helps prevent turnover and makes our team cohesive, experienced and effective.
We’re also proud to offer inclusive and transparent pricing. Everything is included in the price you pay—from utilities to cable service to all meals— and we tell you the price up-front!

If you’re thinking about making the move to a senior living community, we hope you’ll consider an English Meadows Campus! If you have any further questions about Life on Campus or the services we provide, get in touch today.

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