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Read 5 Benefits Of Staying Active In Your Senior Years

5 Benefits Of Staying Active In Your Senior Years

While some people think that the older we get the more we should slow down, this could not be further from the truth. Being cautious is important in preventing accidents or injuries, and staying physically fit throughout your senior years can significantly reduce accidents! You might be surprised to see how even a small amount of activity can positively affect many areas of your life and overall health. Exercise plays a vital role in good health, in fact a few of the many benefits of staying active in your senior years include: 

Preventing Disease 

Maintaining physical activity can help prevent many common illnesses including diabetes and heart disease. Not only this, but regular exercise can help boost immunity which is important for Seniors with a compromised immune system. 

Improved Mental Health 

The mental health benefits associated with exercise are nearly endless! When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which act as a stress reliever. These “feel good” hormones can leave you with a sense of balanced wellbeing, and even improve disrupted sleep patterns.

Decreased Risk of Falls 

The older we get, the more at risk we are of accidents or injury. One of the most common injuries for older adults is falling. Falling in your Senior years can be very serious and potentially disastrous for maintaining independence. Exercise improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, which greatly reduces the risk of falls. 

Improved Cognitive Function

Regular physical activity has been known to improve motor skills and overall cognitive function. Staying physically active into your Senior years can even lower the risk of developing dementia regardless of how long you have been active. 

Social Engagement 

Maintaining a regular exercise routine can be fun and engaging! Whether you join a walking group or go to a fitness class, getting exercise is a great opportunity to make new friends and stay social. 

What exercises are best for older adults?


Yoga is a low-impact activity that won’t strain your joints. It also helps build muscles, stabilize your core, improve flexibility, and strengthen your bones. 


Pilates are an effective workout that is gentle on your joints. The focus of pilates is to build a strong core in order to improve balance and stability. Pilates have even been known to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

Aerobic Exercise

Adding endurance activities to your daily routine can help boost cardiovascular function, strengthen your lungs, and improve overall stamina. You can get aerobic exercise through activities such as walking, swimming, or seated stationary bikes. 

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